Tiki Cross-Post: In Which Joe Garcia Fixes the Sco...

Tiki Cross-Post: In Which Joe Garcia Fixes the Scorpion Bowl

Joe Garcia is a blogging compatriot of mine from Florida. That makes him a Florida Man, but don’t worry, he’s not one of those Florida Men, just a Florida Man. I actually have a number of friends who are Florida Men, including my brother, none of whom have joined the ranks of Florda Man.


To my knowledge….

Anyway, Joe and I share the same blogging work ethic.

Oh, really? As in none at all?

I’m saying, as in posting about 20 times a year these days… though his are more evenly distributed.

So you are saying you have much to learn from him?

I’m saying, why are you still here? I’m trying to do a simple Rule 2 link post, but if you keep trying to pick a fight, this post will be two pages long!

Hey! By your own admission, you don’t blog often. And you let your’s truly out of the drawer in an even smaller number of posts…

Ok. Ok. I get it.

A sock’s gotta play while the sun shines, is all I’m saying.

Thank you. Your cogent and insightful remarks are well taken. [Quietly but firmly closes sock drawer.]

Anyway, Joe is always great about doing a Tiki Month post or three himself every February. In his first of #TikiMonth 2018, he addresses the classic “Scorpion Bowl”. The accompanying photo is glorious, and you can see lots more of his work at his blog Same Thing, But Different, and on his Instagram feed.

In his post, Joe identifies the same problem I have with this “classic”, i.e. it is an utterly undrinkable citrus bomb. I’ve made them before and never liked them. It makes me wonder if the well-known recipe, as published by Trader Vic himself, is really some kind of counter-intelligence ploy to damage bars that try to copy his drink.

But Joe claims to have through the redacted portions of the memo to unlock how to Make Scorpion Bowls Great Again. It’s his research, so I’m going to make you click through if you want to see how he does it.

Cheers! And Happy Tiki Month 2018!


  1. Joe G.

    10 February

    I think you are dead-on re. Vic protecting his recipes, not like Don with secrecy, but with misdirection. When you tinker with the orgeat (or, sometimes, the rock candy syrup) you see what the fuss is about. Orgeat, in my experience, isn’t about sweetness, it’s about tamping down acidity and the hotness of the alcohol, thereby acting like a graphic equalizer for the flavors in a drink.

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