Wintersmiths Phantom Clear Ice System Spheres Demo

Wintersmiths Phantom Clear Ice System Spheres Demo

In the prior post, I introduced the Phantom Clear Ice System from Wintersmiths, and did a little unboxing video. In this post, I am embedding the first demo I did, showing how to load the system up, and then extract the ice from it once it has completely frozen. It is a little long, but needs to be to show the whole process.

Right now, the Phantom is not available through Amazon. Wintersmiths is still filling the Kickstarter pre-orders. I think you can still order through their website. I will update this post (hopefully) when this changes.

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  1. Brian Roberts

    24 October

    I got my Phantom probably about the same time you did. I LOVE IT! Best clear ice I have found AND the best way to make a LOT fast. I’m curious as to your opinion on how this might change how most bars source their clear ice. If I understand correctly, most bars purchase clear ice from local ice companies or carve their own ice balls (in the highest end establishments). It seems to me that this device will allow more of the mid-range bars to offer beautiful ice. Do you think this is a real possibility or is this still too much work for the typical bar?

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  2. Doug Winship

    24 October

    I’ve given some thought to this very subject. The problem is that with a 30+ hour cycle time, these units have a practical throughout of about 4 spheres, or 3 large cubes a day.
    Even if you reserved the ice for one special Old-Fashioned, and served only 18 of them a day, that would require 6 units at about $1,800 investment. Plus the freezer space.
    I’m not holding my breath that this is a commercial game changer.

    It IS a home enthusiast game changer, though!

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  3. Brian Roberts

    25 October

    Doug Winship,

    I hear what you mean. I would imagine that the throughput would be 7 Spheres and 6 cubes per day, but even so, there’s still a lot of extra work to be done to make it work. I also know that Wintersmiths has bulk discounts available for “qualifying establishments”. Not sure how much cheaper they would be but I’ll bet a bar could get by with a $500 investment, but it would still require a ton of extra work.

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