It’s Tiki Month, 2019!

Hey everybody! It is February, and that means that… IT. IS. TIKI MONTH!

Wait. What?

Yeah, this is why I do Tiki Month in February.
That always happens.

The antidote is this:

And this:

Wearing a bunch of these:

Suggestions of this sort of behavior:

And more of these:

So strap in folks! I have lots of drinks to talk about, including an original or two. I’m expanding my Tiki decor ideas to include sound and even aroma. There is other news to be released soon.

As usual, I want your help and participation! For you Social Media Mavens™, tag your stuff with the hashtag #TikiMonth. If you are a regular Tikiphile, you might pick up some new followers among my Tiki-curious crowd, and vice versa. If you are one of those dinosaurs like me and still have a blog, please join in the Tiki Month fun and mix in a little Tiki.

Wear an aloha shirt. Whatever it takes to drive away the winter blues.

And watch this space!


  1. Helena Tiare

    3 February

    I love how you do this every year! I`m a zombie (litterally) this time of the year when I live in almost complete darkness… (sun set a 3 pm… which sun btw? the grey light somewhere above all the clouds I mean) but let`s see if i can get a drink up on my half-sleepy blog… before feb ends!

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