Tiki Month News: Doug Has An Actual Bartending Job...

Tiki Month News: Doug Has An Actual Bartending Job!

Here is some news. After 18 years of closely studying bartenders, and 12 years of writing about them, I actually went out and got a bartending job! Above, you will see my first customer, and the first drink I made… a Painkiller.

I’m not sure if it is excessively on the nose, or simply inevitable, that my first stab at commercial bartending would be at a Tiki bar, and begin around Tiki Month. Regardless, it’s just a couple of days a week, and I’m enjoying myself immensely. Come see me if you are in the Central Ohio area.


I am working at the new Huli Huli, in Powell, Ohio. I will go into all that Huli Huli has to offer in a later post, when I have enough good photography of my own to offer. I will say here that were I not working there, I would still be in the place a couple of nights a week. Stay tuned for my full, utterly unbiased review.

  1. Helena Tiare

    3 February

    Nice! I wish I could come and visit!

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