Original Tiki Drink: Lua Pele Pow

My first drink of #TikiMonth 2019 is a little number I call the Lua Pele Pow. The PeguWife and I were discussing the sub-genre of Gin Tiki, and she found a recipe from the Bellagio in Las Vegas that used gin and Passoa passion fruit liqueur called the Tango. The Tango doesn’t really work very well, but it made a dandy inspiration to combine gin with passion fruit.


Combine all ingredients except seltzer and shake well. Place ice spear in smallish highball and strain over top. Top with seltzer and sprinkle pomegranate aurils over top (They will sink).

This drink gave me the opportunity to use all sorts of cool stuff.

I’ve been drinking this La Croix sparkling water for months now, but this is the first really good cocktail application. Be sure that you have enough room in your glass for a couple of ounces of the seltzer, or the flavors fall out of balance.

The ice spear is one of the shapes that comes out of my Phantom Clear Ice Rig. Big ice is awesome, but there are precious few applications for it in traditional Tiki. If anyone has some ideas for my big cubes and spheres, please chime in.


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