Tiki Technique: Measuring Coconut Cream

Tiki Technique: Measuring Coconut Cream

One of the most fun, iconic, yet frustrating ingredients in Tiki drinks is coconut cream. It is rich, luscious, and flavorful, but it is also thick and very viscous. People often talk about how you need to shake it very hard or blend it to get it fully mixed into a drink. What is less often addressed is how difficult it is to measure accurately, and what a mess it leaves of your jigger. I’ve recently learned a simple technique of assembling your drink that almost completely fixes this problem.

Full Disclosure: As with many of “my” discoveries, this one was actually figured out by the PeguWife.

My preferred coconut cream brand is Coco Real, because it comes in a squeeze bottle and it is shelf stable when opened. Great stuff, but it is all the usual problems with coconut cream, in spades. Let’s take a look at what using this stuff looks like. First, it is so viscous, it is hard to measure.

That lovin’ spoonful is in the neighborhood of a half ounce of Coco Real. As you can see, for precision-nazi types like me, that’s a little frustrating. It gets worse. Here is the same OXO jigger after I’ve gotten as much out as possible without the time and mess a spoon.

As you can see, there is a lot left over. This makes getting a precise amount of coconut cream into the drink even harder. It also leaves that jigger mostly out of action until it goes through the sink, as the size of subsequent pours of other juices or boozes will be thrown off by this residue. Moreover, the follow on ingredients will not remove much of that residue, if any at all.

So, how do we solve both the precision thing and the mess thing in one technique? Here we go.

This pretty much only works with these OXO measures (the jigger that made this blog famous), or at least a large mouth jigger with incremental internal measurement lines.

Let’s say we want that same half ounce of Coco Real. We start with the citrus juice for the recipe. In the picture above, that means an ounce of juice. Measure it, but don’t add to the drink. Then squeeze the coconut cream into the center of the jigger, away from the sides. Watch the level go from one ounce to one and a half, and Archimedes has given you a precise half ounce measurement!

Better yet, when you flip this jigger’s contents into your mixing tin, the jigger will be more than clean enough to measure the rest of the ingredients!

You are welcome.


  1. Sylvan

    13 February

    Pretty cool! Thanks.

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