Libbey Glassware, and how to do corporate social m...

Libbey Glassware, and how to do corporate social media outreach right

Back in late November, I ran across this image (and several others) on A Mountain of Crushed Ice post about a contest by Libbey Glassware Europe, featuring an incredible new Tiki coupe. In minutes, I determined two things: I wanted this stemware badly, and I could not get this stemware without a ticket to Europe.

Being the good creature of the Twenty-First Century that I am, I took immediately to Twitter to ask Libbey US when they were going to fix the world and make this glass available to the people who matter, i.e. me. Within one day, @LibbeyInc replied, albeit in less than reassuring terms.

Many of you may have noticed a distinct drop in my Twitter output in the last six months. This is because I’ve come to the conclusion that 95% of the opinion tweets I see, from strangers and indeed my own friends (on every possible side of every issue), do little or nothing to advance the cause they are supporting, but quite a bit to degrade our civilization and its overall mental health. But one area where I am happy (and experienced) to gin up a Twitter mob is in the cause of convincing a corporation to take my damned money already! Thus, Libbey got this, for their pains.

Numerous Tweeps of mine saw my plea and took it up.

Several of us pestered away for a while, and then moved on with our lives….

Until just a few days ago, almost exactly eight solid months since we last pestered Libbey, this tweet shows up, unlooked for:

This is how you do corporate marketing outreach, folks. Bravo, Libbey!

I immediately order two packs of four, and they arrived promptly. You can get yours here [Edit: They sold out within four days of this original post, but are now back in stock at the links shown.]

These coupes are fairly large in capacity, and pleasingly heavy in the hand. The rim is neither so thin as to be fragile, nor too heavy to wrap your lips around comfortably. Do not put them in the dishwasher, sadly. The glass is certainly sturdy enough to handle it, but the glass of the stem is not solidly that amber color, it is coated on. From experience with similar stemware, the dishwasher will peel that color off in only a few washings. Of course, if you want your coupe to be clear instead of colored, the dishwasher will handle that for you! [Update: after discussion with Libbey, there is an update. The coupes seem to be rated OK for commercial dishwashers. But stick with hand washing over your household washer.]

Here is one of my new glasses, with a quick original cocktail I’ve put together to honor Libbey’s decision to gracefully take my damned money. It’s a strained riff on the Hurricane, with the softer tones of Guava replacing passion fruit.


  • 1 oz. Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Gold
  • 2 oz. Blackwell’s dark Jamaican rum
  • 3/4 oz. lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz B.G. Reynolds orgeat
  • 2 oz. Goya guava nectar

Shake ingredients and strain into a Libbey Tiki coupe! Garnish with lemon peel and fresh mint.


  1. dagreb

    6 August


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  2. LairBob

    6 August

    LOL…when I first read “a ‘strained riff’ on the Hurricane…”, I took it like “a painfully awkward take on the Long Island Iced Tea…”, or “an emotionally-damaged adaptation of the Old-Fashioned…”

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  3. Helena Tiare

    6 August

    Wow!! I had no idea that you found out about the Tiki coupe on my post about one of the Libbey competitions? but hey, all you needed to do actually was ask me to send one or two and would have got them for you…. 😀 but after your (and the others) heroic effort you got it better and can order more than what I could have sent! and can keep ordering too. Yes these glasses are really nice! Libbey make some really cool glassware.

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  4. Andrea

    7 August

    And Libbey sold some glasses in Denmark too, because you brought them to my attention.

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  5. Gregory

    7 August

    Hrmmm…clicking on the link seems to take me to “Libbey Tiki Pineapple Glasses, Set of 4” and searching amazon doesn’t come up with anything. Are they just releasing the Coupe’s here or the Mai Tai’s too?

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  6. Sandra Saldanha

    8 August

    Hi Doug, my name is Sandra Saldanha and I am responsible for PR & Communication Manager at Libbey Glass Europe. Want to thank you for sharing our online competition and our beautiful Tiki Glasses. I will keep you updated with the next challenges. We will do 3 other till end of the year.

    Sandra Saldanha

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