@beyourself.or.besquirrel Has Been TikiMonthing Up...

@beyourself.or.besquirrel Has Been TikiMonthing Up a Storm

On Instagram, @beyourself.or.besquirrel (who does two things: she drinks, and she knows things) has been buring up #TikiMonth, so I want to make sure she gets a post of her own.

She starts with an Ancient Mariner, by Beachbum Berry in his Grog Log. I agree with her, this is one of Jeff’s winners.

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A belated start into Tiki month with an Ancient Mariner. An original recipe from Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. Used some of my of my best ingredients for this: Demerara rum: El Dorado 12 year old Dark Jamaican rum: Appleton Extra And the pride of my liqueur cabinet: A bottle of Berry Hill allspice dram I brought in Jamaica a long time ago. This is by far the best pimento dram and I don't know if I will ever get my hands on another bottle in my life 🥺, but it was the boyfriend's birthday this week so I wanted this one to be perfect. The recipe is from Beachbum Berry's Grog Log – buy it, this guy deserves every cent 😍. You can also find it in the Total Tiki App which I highly recommend. @appletonestateja @appletonrumuk @eldoradorums #tikimonth #tiki #cocktails #homebartender #drinkstagram #rum #rumdrinks #tikidrinks

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Her Sweet Dream sounds a bit like a richer cousin of the Tahitienne that I love so much. I may run this one tonight, if I have anything left in me after attending a co-worker’s Last Shift. (Shout out to you, Ashley! You will be missed… badly.)

Finally, she reminds me to try the Castaway, another recipe from the Grog Log. I won’t use the Blackfin coffee liqueur she is featuring because a) I’m sure I can’t get it in Ohio, and two) I already did a tasting last night of the six coffee liqueurs I have on hand. The PeguWife likes coffee… a lot.

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The Castaway perfectly combines my love for tiki and the formidable @manlyspirits Blackfin coffee liqueur. This is another original drink from tiki hero Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. His creations are just so good, I fall in love with them over and over again. This recipe originally consists of pineapple juice, Kahlua and gold Virgin Island or Puerto Rican rum. I reduced the coffee liqueur a bit because Blackfin is very intense. Instead of the above mentioned rums I used @flordecana_en 5y which is more than a substitute, it fits very nicely. What I especially like here is that the drink tastes much less of coffee than you might expect. It's more like the liqueur is used to spice up the whole thing and makes it an overall very balanced drink with a special kick. You find the recipe in the book Beachbum Berry's Grog Log or in the Total Tiki app. #tikimonth #tikidrinks #rum #rumdrinks #homebartender #drinkstagram #Blackfin #coffee #drinkpics #totaltiki #totaltikiapp

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Thanks a lot! And be sure to tag me with any more #TikiMonth Posts, so I’ll see them and update this post.


  1. Dagreb

    21 February

    Pineapple and coffee is always a winning combo

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