Tiki Reach-Around: Coco Nuit Nuit from Dagreb

Tiki Reach-Around: Coco Nuit Nuit from Dagreb

St. Dagreb of the Ever-Changing Twitter Avatar over at Nihil Utopia is always good for some great Tiki Month content! He got this first post up well before I was even back on dry land from the cruise, so that earns him the #TikiMonth Legion of Merit!

Behold the Coco Nuit Nuit. Dagreb crafted it after producing a rather intriguing looking spiced coconut honey that he got from Board of Tiki Idols member Tiare, over at A Mountain of Crushed Ice. (Link is gorked at time of posting. Keep trying!) Dagreb’s cocktail is a riff on the Nu Nui Nui, which is in turn a re-imagining of the classic Nui Nui as a “Painkiller on Steroids).

Dagreb’s seems pretty spirit forward, with the cocokut honey, lime, pineapple, and orange juices, and three types of rum. Swing by his blog and check it out!


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