My New Book: CBC Quarantinis

Many of my readers already know about this, but I have just published my first book. It is a topical piece called CBC Quarantinis. CBC stands for Columbus Bar Community. The book is a collection of more than forty original cocktails by Central Ohio bartenders, designed to be easily made and enjoyed by the home-bound sufferer of the Great Shutdown of 2020. The bartenders who contributed put a lot of work into their submissions, and I’m glad to say that the drinks are darned good. A few are silly. These are silly days, after all. The silly ones are good too, actually. (Personally, I’m not a fan of the Slice of Gold on page 98, but lots of people will be.) You can get the book as an ebook in Kindle or Apple Books formats, and in hard copy paperback.

All the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the ORA Restaurant Relief Fund, to help out bartenders who have had their livelihoods nuked from orbit. It is not a lot, but I’m glad to do what I can, and your purchase will help.

Editing this book has been a lot of fun, a lot of frustration, and brought me some valuable experience. I got a chance to work with some very talented bartenders. While I knew many of my contributors already, I met a bunch of new faces that I very much look forward to visiting in person when this mess is over under control. A lot of people put a lot of work into this project, and I very much hope it shows, and that you will buy it and enjoy it.

I start the book off with some basic home bartending information, for readers who have always done their cocktailing at bars and need some basic education. Most readers of this blog won’t need that section, but I hope some of you read it anyway and start some arguments with me about it! The meat of the book is the recipes. Each drink gets its own two page spread, with a glamor shot of the cocktail on the left and the recipe and instructions on the right.

I’m going to include two reduced size examples here, so you can see. The actual hard copy book is six and three quarters by six and three quarters inches.

Urban Songbird by Alex Eiler

Blue Beetle #2 by Doug Winship

Photographing all the drinks (and mocking them up first) took just over 50% of my time on this project. I had a chance to show off my glassware collection, which was fun and instructive. The cost of the glasses I used ranged from less than a dollar, to some older items in my collection that I remember as being in the fifty dollar range. I even used a couple of pieces of our wedding crystal. One of the cheapest vessels I used is in one of the shots that I like the most.

Anyway, please pick up a copy of the book, on Kindle, Apple Books, or in paperback. If you like it, I’d love to get your review on Amazon, and to see your recommendations on social media. Again, the proceeds go to helping bartenders who need that help badly.

Please stay safe, stay productive, and stay hydrated!


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