I am a writer and businessman. I have been researching and writing about cocktails extensively since 2007, and currently serve as the Treasurer for the Columbus, Ohio chapter of the United States Bartending Guild. I’m 50(ish) and have been married for 26 years to the delectable Margaret. We have two daughters and two one no cats (anymore, alas).
I have a very cool job: I kill people for a living. Well, actually I arrange to have them killed…. All for fun and profit!
My firm, Killing Time, murder consultants, provides murder mystery entertainment for cocktail parties. So, as you can imagine, I know a lot about parties, and a lot about cocktails.
Ever since I found out about Pegus in 1998, I’ve been an evangelist, preaching to any and all who hold still long enough about the merits of this great cocktail.
You can reach me via e-mail at doug at

@DAWInship on Instagram
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