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I travel around the U.S. a fair amount for my business, and my recent exchange with Robert Heugel just after my trip to Houston has gotten me thinking. I missed a great opportunity to meet and visit with one of the professionals amongst out little fraternity of cocktail blog readers and writers. I’d prefer to avoid this in the future! It took but a few moments to come up with a visual solution (the only kind that reliably works for me): Google Maps!

Thus was born The Pegu Blog Virtual Blogbar Crawl. I am a little surprised at how few bloggers that I read are, or admit to being, working pros. So consider this a bleg as well: If you know of, or are, an entertaining blogger who also tends bar for a living, let me know. I need a link to your bar, and your blog, and I’ll put you on the map. Whenever I add a pin, I’ll note it in a separate post. Also, I’ve added pin for all Pegu Blog Certified Bartenders.™

Now, whenever I’m planning a trip, I can check the map, and see if I have someone to annoy visit while I’m there! I hope others who travel will make use of this!

The Pegu Blog Blogbarcrawl™ (North American Focus)

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The Pegu Blog Blogbarcrawl™ (World Map)

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