Liquor Fairy

This page is my version of a financial disclaimer. It deals with two issues near and dear to bloggers’ hearts: Product samples, and Amazon Affiliate links. This page contains information valuable to both readers and product promoters, and I present that information intertwined for maximum transparency.

(Special Note: Since I introduced the Liquor Fairy, the Federal Trade Commission has introduced new regulations of blogs and commercial speech. I have a grumble/rant about it here, if you are interested. It doesn’t (yet) affect the content or reasoning behind the Liquor Fairy.)

For time to time, companies may wish to encourage me to write about their products. Sometimes they will communicate with me this desire via press release (seldom efficacious), or personal communication (often helpful). The most effective way to get me to write about a product is to send me a usable example, as I can’t afford to try every new liquor that comes down the pike. If I do write about a product that has been sent to me gratis, The Liquor Fairy (shown above) will be flying around the bottom of the first post in which I make significant mention of that product.
My commitment to the public is that I will not alter my opinion based on whether or not I bought or was given a product that I review. However, you should know that I receive products for review that I do not write about. Sometimes I don’t write about a bottle I’ve been sent because I don’t like that bottle, and I see no reason to spit in the face of someone who sent me product. Sometimes I don’t write about a product because I either can’t find something interesting to say about it, or because I’m saving it for a specific event or post in the future. Sometimes it takes me a while to get to a post on a product. I’m a blogger. We don’t have deadlines, and we do have lives!
If you are a distiller, liquor promoter, or have any other product that might interest me and the readers of this blog, such as bar or other culinary tools, glassware, and anything relating to home bar design, construction, and decoration, please contact me via phone or email.

All links on this site which lead to Amazon.Com pages for a product I discuss carry a tag that shows them I sent you there. If you buy that product at that time, I get a small cut. As of the writing of this disclaimer, I have yet to earn enough to pay one month of my hosting bill. But rest assured that the FTC is on the case of this payola scandal of the 21st Century…. Should any other websites with products that might fit with my writing offer such a program, I will likely take advantage of those sweet, sweet, pennies-a-week opportunities as well.

The Liquor Fairy was created for me by the premier illustrator out there in the Cocktailosphere, Dr. Bamboo. Read his blog, and if you have illustration needs (cocktail or otherwise), hire his talented ass.

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