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Take a look at our standard scenarios

The Stillwell Effect

Money, power, and bitter rivalries make for a dangerous mix at a party celebrating the release of the new, multi-million dollar action thriller: The Stillwell Effect. In attendance will be actors, writers, directors, producers, studio executives, paparazzi, and all the wonderfully weird hangers-on these people attract. This cosmic cash register of a movie is throwing out profits like an action hero’s unlimited ammo machine gun, so everyone should be happy, right? Unfortunately in Hollywood, too much is never enough!

This is our most popular storyline, and works great for virtually all kinds of events. Characters include actors, directors, Hollywood executives and other assorted paparazzi fodder. If you so much as let your eyes drift over the tabloids in the supermarket checkout line, you know these types of characters.



A Strong and Loving Family

A family reunion is not the place for doing business… and definitely not the place for doing murder! But when the grand old southern dynasty of the Marsdales assembles for their latest reunion, all bets are off. The mighty Marsdale empire of inter-related businesses pours wealth and power into the family’s coffers year after profitable year. The only question is: Can even this ever-expanding pie keep up with all the appetites it has to feed? The only sure thing is that the strain has begun to tell upon this strong and loving family….

Another excellent plot for all sorts of gatherings. The myriad weird family entanglements can make this one troublesome if your event will have lots of real relatives in attendance.



An Affair to Remember

Who says the fine art market is soft? The Northwell Gallery is hosting its annual Fall Gala. The gallery’s best artists will be featured, along with poetry readings and performance art.

All the best people will be there: artists, new and established; collectors, legit and less-so; critics; poets and entertainers; the gallery owners; and maybe even an art thief or two!

But the problem with the art world is telling the thieves from the victims. And just what will happen when someone wants revenge….

Many of the characters in this storyline are less recognizable to most people. But there is a pot full of fun here for either the museum crowd, or a group which has done one of our events before.



Stirred, Not Shaken

It is time again for the annual City Cocktail Congress, a convention that brings together distillers, bartenders, and pundits in a week-long “party to end all parties.” You’ve been invited to an exclusive, mid-week reception, sponsored by PR firm Fenniman Brands, to roll out the much anticipated new rum, Deep Cane. Fenniman’s client has deep pockets and will be emptying them to promote this brand and change the game.

But many of the players like the game the way it is. And at the City Cocktail Congress, the only things higher proof than Deep Cane itself are the egos of the players and the stakes of the game. The mix is heady, and for one attendee, the party really will be over!

This plotline may be about the world of high-end mixology, but anyone familiar with the world of trade seminars, trade shows, and brand PR will be more than comfortable. Inquire about our additional services to help you offer some real specialty drinks for your event.



Will the Gentleman Yield?

Can it really be twenty years? Our powerful Congressman Fyfe has announced his retirement, and the Party is having a party in his honor. Of course, in politics any party means a fund-raiser. Cocktails, canapes, and other dishes best served cold will be part and parcel of the evening….

In attendance at the event will be rivals for the soon to be vacated congressional seat, party bosses, lobbyists, columnists and commentators, and of course, the big contributors!

This gala may prove more tense than you would expect, as the ripples from Fyfe’s retirement will affect many. A lot of people will be winners from this, and a lot more think they will. But in politics, for every winner there are plenty of bitter, angry losers….

This storyline is a great one for the political junkies out there, or pretty much everyone in an election year. Don’t worry. The fun is non-partisan.



The Class of '79'

1979 – Prom queen Ashley Powers murdered! But more importantly, what about the Prom?



Cancelled that is, until the Coppertown High class of ‘79 reunites to have the prom that never was! But adults have even more problems than teenagers, and prom problems can once again be murder….

This is a great plot for groups of couples, you can even have it be part of a real dance party.The plot is more complex than most, so we often recommend it for our repeat customers. Also, this one benefits more than most of our events from a group that will get into dressing for the occasion!